Plovdiv is arguably the most popular destination in the Bulgaria for tourists. With so much to see and do, Plovdiv is a fascinating place to visit for all ages and for all purposes. Below are our house place.

KAPANA is situated right in the center of Plovdiv. A late 19-th century neighborhood, it used to house worksmiths both from the practical and fine side of art. 

In times past craftsmen would have lived and worked in this area at the foot of the upmarket Old Town where the rich merchants lived. Known then (and still today by some) as Uzun Charshiya, charshiya meaning ‘bazaar’.

Today the warren of tiny streets (so narrow that two cars can barely pass one another) is home to various trendy shops – health food stores, hand made jewellery, designer clothing – and alternative clubs and bars.

As a whole still rundown, the area has been partially pedestrianised and some of the facades have been renovated. The trendy arts festivals taking place in Plovdiv this summer have set out to focus on Kapana’s potential to be young and vibrant quarter to rival any in the old European capitals.

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