Аrchaeological sight-seeing

Archaeological Complex Nebet Tepe-On the hill Nebet are situated remains of the first settlement on the Three Hills. In the XII century BC was established ancient Thracian city Evmolpia, named by the mythical ruler and singer Evmolp. Massive walls surrounding a temple and a palace are the main components characterizing the settlements from this period. The oldest part of the fortress was constructed from large stone blocks without any solder / so-called Cyclopean masonry /. Very interesting is the medieval rectangular water reservoir, which has vaulted coverage and capacity of 300,000 liters.

Ancient Theatre, Antique Forum with Odeon, Ancient stadium, Late Antique building “Eirene”, Hissar Gate, Clock Tower Sahattepe, Balabanov House, Gallery “Zlatyu Boyadziev”, House “Lamartine”,Ancient pharmacy museum exhibition “Hippocrates”

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